Management of Change

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Thank you for joining the class. While the session will be live and facilitator-led, you'll find all the course materials here. Access to the content will be available starting on April 17th.

Course Overview

Organizational changes may be strategic, operational, structural, cultural, technological, or due to an acquisition or divestiture. Any Organizational change will cause disruption to the current way of doing things and it comes in many forms. Disruption creates tension and the greater the change, the greater the disruption and the likelihood of resisting.

People need help moving through change and change management is a structured approach for helping people through change and ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented.

This Change Management Course is designed to:
  • Introduce the core Change Management actions and tools that can increase the likelihood of the overall project success.
  • Introduce effective practices for defining what the change is about as well as implementing and sustaining the change.